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Our Story

Inflight Drone started off as a fun idea and commitment for two high school kids trying to make some extra money. Jake and Jack started off selling their aerial photography door to door capturing aerial photos of homes to print and frame for their clients. After creating a decent following, they began to expand into a much bigger market.

They soon began to realize that there was a definite need for drone services in numerous industries. Still at a young age they began researching the market, picking up on trends, and even taking some online classes. After all of their dedication and hard work studying, they began to take the jump to the next level and just startup.

Now in 2019 they are in their 4th year of business, and things are a bit different. The boys are now FAA certified drone pilots, and are focusing more on strengthening, and building relationships with their clients that last forever. As Jake says, "We all learn and grow here at Inflight Drone, however, our purpose has always stayed the same. We capture moments in time to help assist companies in growing their business." Overall, Inflight Drone focuses on showcasing clients in a unique and customizable way that cannot be physically done with a regular camera. We look forward to meeting you and help your business expand.

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