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Painting Marketing

Before & After Photos

  • This service delivers 15 before photos and 15 after photos of the property

Completed Project Photos & Videos

  • This service delivers 20 photos and 1 (30-60 second) video featuring the completed job.

Time-Lapse (Start, Middle, End)

  • This service delivers 80 photos and 1 time-lapse video. There are 3-4 visits included in this package to capture the progress over the course the job.

Aerial Videos

  • Zoom in towards the front of the site

  • Slide: Side to side (Each side of the site)

  • Orbit around the site; birds eye view

  • Slide: Roof to ground floor (roof to ground) *multistory sites

  • Rise and reverse (Back & front of the site)

***Additional shots will be taken upon request

Aerial Photos

  • Front of the site

  • Back of the site

  • Each side of the site

  • Birdseye view looking down over the roof

  • Birdseye view of the site and surrounding area

  • Street view

  • Multiple angles and heights for each

***Additional shots will be taken upon request

 Shot Layout for Painting Packages

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