10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Photography

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Photography

When your goal is to sell properties, you should try everything to maximize listing promotions. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in the best real estate photography services. Professional photos go a long way to spark interest in the buyer’s mind and create that ‘first great impression’. Coupled with aerial videos, such endeavors ensure high visibility and convince buyers to take an interest in the property.

More than 90% of real estate investors look for properties online, and about 83% of them prefer professional images to drive decisions. Further, properties with professional photos sell at 47% higher prices per square foot. Before we delve deeper into other reasons for investing in property photography, you should know what makes an image professional.

Cover multiple angles

One should be able to guess the appearance of the property from multiple angles and perspectives. Hence, it is important to take several pictures of the same property from different angles, both interiors, and exteriors. Ask the real estate photographer to change perspectives and take photos from everywhere to give a thorough idea to the buyers. Aerial photographs are also quite popular, and many professionals go the extra mile to incorporate drone photography to engage more buyers.

Top-grade equipment

The photographer should use only advanced equipment, including camera, lens, stands, gimbals, drone, and editing software, to make the images unique and appealing to the eyes. S/he should have multiple lenses to offer maximum exposure and focus on intricate details of the property. Indoor and outdoor photography should be executed with different equipment, especially the lens, to minimize errors. You may ask the photographers about the equipment they will use before finalizing anything.

Background detailing

Backgrounds play a significant role in professional photography. While taking pictures of the property, care should be taken to enhance the image by choosing the right background. Fading, shadows, and highlights should be considered during the editing process. Nothing should look out-of-place or unnecessary in the final images. Check each photo carefully before uploading it to your listing.

Lighting and colors

Now, it is needless to mention how essential these two factors are in professional property photography. Whether you are dealing with photography for real estate interiors or the exteriors, proper lighting and colors are a must. If need be, the experts should use additional lighting equipment and change the effect of colors through bespoke editing software. Every detail should be enhanced to provide the buyers with a complete idea about the property’s appearance. They are unlikely to shortlist the property if the images miss out on anything, so take care.

Tech specs

Every picture should look as real as possible with minimum edits, except the lighting, colors, and background. An amateur real estate photographer will not be able to handle the same and end up disappointing the potential buyers. Not all images are technically superior in terms of size, magazine views, and listings, so choose only experienced real estate photography services that have a reputation in the market.

Now that you have an idea about the professional requisites of real estate photography, let us give you the reasons to invest in it.

They buy what they see

The easiest and the most common reason to invest in property photography is user experience. When people make buying decisions online, they rely on visual impressions more than any written detail. You may describe the property and mention every detail, but the users will turn into buyers only if the photos are good enough. They will like to evaluate the appearance of the property from every angle and perspective. Hence, it is essential to give them pictures of each to increase the chances of selling. No wonder the listings with professional photos get about 61% more views than the ones without any.

Sell them fast and sell well

Professional images enhance the impression of any property and reduce the turnaround time. As buyers take lesser time to make a decision, the property sells faster. Although this doesn’t mean that the buyers will invest in a property just by looking at the pictures, but they surely will invest faster if the images create an impact. You may also get higher prices for properties that look nice in the pictures. And if you can include drone home photography services, the sales will inevitably increase. Drones can also be used to take aerial videos, which further make the impression unique and real. No buyer can ignore real estate videos that cover every aspect of the property.

Quality assurance

Professional images provide the buyers with every detail that they seek. Whether they want to check on the exteriors or the interiors of the property, multiple pictures taken from different angles will give them exactly what they need. Hence, the images will offer an assurance of quality for buyers looking forward to making a great investment. Without proper images, there will always have doubts about the quality of the property and may even go to the next option swiftly. It will hamper your brand reputation, as well as the sales target.

Sell in the post-pandemic

People will be afraid to come out of their homes for some time now. If you want to keep your real estate business intact, investing in high-quality property images will help them choose their homes without moving around much. They can shortlist properties based on the images and decide on a single on-site visit. The entire process will be streamlined, and buyers will not have to jeopardize their health and safety to purchase properties. Hence, the real estate photos will serve as a backbone to your selling endeavor by helping potential buyers stay safe.

Guaranteed returns on investment

As mentioned earlier, the properties with impressive photos sell at higher prices than their peers. While most professional real estate photography services do not aim to burn a hole in your pocket, you can get guaranteed returns on your investment. Renovations and property extensions are more expensive endeavors with almost the same returns. After all, how will the buyers know what you have done to the property if you do not have the supporting images?

Millennials are into a visual impression

A large percentage of homebuyers in the USA are millennials. This generation relies more on the visual impression of commodities that they plan to invest. With a bunch of professional photos taken from various angles and aerial videos, the millennial home buyers will get a solid idea about the property’s features to drive buying decisions. If you tend to ignore the significance of professional images, you may lose out on your millennial buyers. They may not click on the listed property and move on to your competitors.

More clicks on your listing

Do you want to get more clicks on your listing to improve their visibility? You can achieve that using real estate photography. Even if all the clicks do not turn into viable leads, you may get numerous vies on the listed properties and improve your search engine ranks. The more visible the listing is, the better chances you will have in selling properties. Finding buyers will get easier and more hassle-free then.

Photos enhance branding

You need not be told about the significance of real estate branding in the market. But what you need to know is, real estate photography is closely linked to all branding efforts, online or offline. Attractive images tend to catch more eyes than casual, mobile-clicked ones. When your brand visibility improves, the chances of selling get higher too. People are keener to invest in properties that have maximum views and top the social media charts. And what can create that effect? Ah yes! It is the real estate photos that you take with the help of professionals.

Better marketing without losing time

If the photography and editing are handled by experts, you will have time to indulge in rigorous marketing campaigns. Create social media and search engine marketing campaigns and develop email marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your listings. You may also generate more leads for your property marketing endeavor. However, you need to use the images everywhere to create the maximum impact. Many a time, it is the images that ensure maximum open rates for email newsletters and posters you send to the potential home and commercial real estate property buyers.

Photos spark imagination

Although it is not a direct benefit of property photography, good-quality images do help the buyers see the property through their imagination’s eye. They tend to start planning instantly about where to place the furniture, how to upgrade the exteriors, extend the deck, or make other significant improvements. Once they get emotionally attached to the property with the help of the images, they will likely buy faster.

Wrapping it up

In the new age, every real estate property is considered a commodity. When you buy things online, you tend to rely on user experience more than anything else. Professional real estate images will enhance this experience by giving your buyers a concrete idea about the appearance of the property. No matter what they say, every book is indeed judged by its cover, and the same goes for real estate. Hence, find a certified and experience real estate photographer to take your property listing marketing to the next level.

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