Real Estate Photos In All Seasons - How To Do It Right

The real estate market is open throughout the year. It means that you need a bunch of magnificent property photos in all seasons, through rain, snow, or hail. While the conditions are more or less favorable in spring and summer, the extreme weather of the fall and winter may make it difficult to get the best photos. If you opt for professional real estate photographers, they can make the task easier. However, it is best to know the tricks of taking great photos in all seasons to monitor their work.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to take exclusive real estate photos in all types of weather conditions.

The right photographic gear is necessary!

When the conditions are favorable, you may not need additional equipment to get the best shots. But in the extremes of climate, the photographers need to carry extra equipment, like a separate flash and a stand, to make sure that the photos come flawless. If it is snowing or raining, proper waterproof coverings for the camera are also required. Only having an expensive camera won’t do. It is unwise to carry an expensive camera and photographic equipment in the bad weather. So while choosing your real estate photographer, you should make sure of all these factors before finalizing anything.

Consider the timing of photography

As winter is approaching, the first thing that comes to mind is how to take photos in the snowy wintery days. Real estate photographers should be extra careful while taking property pictures. Choose the right time for the photography session, as it makes all the difference. Lighting is essential, and you should make sure that the property is exposed to the right kind of light during the photography session. Too much brightness can make the photos look unappealing. It can also give rise to more shadows. So, talk to the photographers about the timing of the session to ensure great photos. According to the experts, the best time to take property photos is during the low hours of the sun. At this time, one can make the best use of the cool, wintry scenes.

Exposure is all that counts

Another thing that one should be careful of is exposure. Most professional cameras are calibrated to take 18% gray pictures. However, when the pictures are taken in snowy winters, the camera’s meter may mistake the property as brighter than usual, thus making the images appear duller and grayer. One can reverse the effect by thinking of the snow-clad property as a bride in a white gown. Adjusting the exposure based on that will help take the best photographs. You may also recommend using exposure compensation. The experts can decide the amount, but probably one or two drops are enough to achieve the desired effect.

Choose the right spot to take the best pictures

The best shots can be taken just after the snow, and not when it has been piled. So make sure you can get the photos taken during this time. However, if you fail to utilize this time to make the most of your winter HD real estate photography session, you may do something else. Go around the property and find a spot that is apparently cleaner than the rest. Ask the photographers to find a pleasing angle from that spot. You may also ask them to lower the eye level to take amazing pictures. As the driveways are mostly piled up in the snow, images taken from the opposite side can turn out to be flawless.

Now let us turn to the other seasons. Taking flawless property photos in summer and the monsoons can be equally troublesome if you do not follow the suggestion given below.

Consider unique property features

The listing photos should appeal to the buyers in all kinds of weather. For that, you should focus on the unique features of the properties and highlight the same in the pictures. Note what features make the property stand out. Is it the pool, or the patio, the garden, or the grand entrance? Ask the photographers to choose the best angles that enhance these features. The buyer should notice the best things about the property first. You may also include extra features to spark interest in the minds of the buyers.

Take care of the poles and power lines

Taking photos on a bright, sunny day can make everything visible, including the poles and power lines. While these are most visible in the external shots, the internal ones can also include these unnecessary features of the property if one is not careful. You can avoid that by choosing the right angles. You may ask the professionals to set up their equipment in areas like the balcony or window frames to keep these features from spoiling the effect. In case it is not at all possible to get them out of sight, you may consider omitting them in the editing session.

The blinds - How to handle them

It is needless to say that the window blinds should be up while taking pictures of the property interiors. But do you know that they should also be open and at the same level while taking exterior shots? Yes, it will give the pictures a cleaner and more welcoming look and feel. It also attracts the buyer’s attention, especially when the interiors are a little visible in the images.

How to take real estate photos during monsoons

Sometimes, cloudy days can be the best time to take bespoke real estate photos. While photographing real estate exteriors, managing shadows can turn out to be quite a pain. On cloudy days, it is not a problem, as the shadows are less effective. However, it is best to avoid indulging in a real estate home photography session while it is raining. Moisture is harmful to the lens and other camera equipment. Wait for the rains to get over before starting the shoot.

Aerial photography - How to make the most of it in summer

Opt for real estate photographers who specialize in residential aerial photography and have considerable experience in the same. When the weather conditions are favorable, drones can be used to take the best shots from above. In winter, you may face issues like excessive winds, snow, or frost, which degrades the experience, as well as the quality of images. You can either wait, or you can edit the pictures in Photoshop to achieve the desired effect.

Now, most of these suggestions are directed to take the best photos in natural circumstances. Do not forget that Photoshop can do wonders to dull or unimpressive pictures. So even if your professional estate photography session does not meet your expectations, proper editing can make up for it.

Scroll on to know how you may create beautiful property photos in Photoshop:

Converting winter photos to summer ones

With Photoshop and other picture editing tools, you can effectively convert the winter real estate photos into beautiful summer images. Let us tell you how:

  • Use the white balance - You can alter and adjust the white balance to give the required effect to the property photos. Giving the images a warm tone will create the effect of a sunny day, and changing the saturation will make the surrounding grass appear greener. However, make sure that it looks natural. If the buyers find out that you have been messing around with the images too much, they may not trust them to make buying decisions at all.

  • Consider the color of the sky - Ask the professional property photographer if they can change the color of the grey skies of winter into bluer, more summer-like. It is essential to make the photos appear natural and attractive on the listing. If you manage to make the grass appear greener, but the skies give out your tricks, the buyers may not rely on the photos anymore. So, do not forget to work on those skies.

  • Do not use filters - Although most professional photographers refrain from using readymade filters to change the weather effects, you should remind them once. #Nofilter photos have been doing the rounds of social media for a long time now, and breaking this trend may have adverse consequences. Try to change the color effects manually to prevent them from appearing made-up and artificial.

  • Remove the gloom - Winter photos have some kind of a gloomy effect attached to them. If one can remove that with their editing skills, the photos will appear livelier. It is one of the primary requisites of winter to summer conversions of real estate images. Changing color tones, saturation effects, and white balance can help meet the goal, but one should also alter the colors manually.

Hence, while choosing the best real estate photographer, you should inquire about their editing skills too. The weather will not work on your whims, and a backup plan is necessary. It is unwise to make all your efforts go waste, simply because the weather was unfavorable. Not only Photoshop, but the professionals should have the know-how of other editing tools and software to give you flawless images for your listing. You may also need to tell the experts not to change anything else apart from the weather effects. All features of the property should remain intact. The buyers should not feel that they have been cheated with edited pictures.

After all, their experience makes all the difference, right?

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