Real Estate Videos: What Is the Significance and How to Create One?

More than 50% of marketers believe that videos increase ROI in real estate marketing. Further, the agents using videos in their marketing campaigns end up with 49% faster revenue. Although real estate videos were considered essential before, this year, their significance has increased with leaps and bounds. About 64% of homebuyers take a buying decision after watching a professional video on the property listings. As real-time property visits have come down to a minimum this year, branded videos have grown in popularity. You can even consider uploading a video on the landing page of your real estate business to increase the conversion rate by 80%.

All these facts and stats reveal that real estate video marketing is of primary importance in ‘new normal’, way more than it was before. With a blend of HD real estate photography and bespoke 3D videos, you can take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Let us give you some other facts to understand the significance of videos for your real estate marketing endeavors:

It brings organic traffic to your website

High-quality real estate videos go the extra mile to bring organic traffic to your website. If the video provides them with every detail of the property that they are looking for, the chance of investment increases. They should also be professionally taken to minimize errors, shadows, and reflections that may degrade the overall impression. Get in touch with seasoned professionals to create bespoke videos and increase organic traffic on your website beyond 150%. You can easily find affordable property photographers that offer videography services too.

It helps nurture your leads

Generating optimum leads in real estate marketing is not the end-all for your business. You need to nurture those leads to improve your conversion rate. The videos can help you do that. By providing your customers with professional property videos, you will improve the chances of buying to a great extent. As the videos will project the property from different angles and perspectives, they may offer details that have been missed in the images. For home buyers living in another city or state, the decision to invest in the property gets easier with the help of detailed professional real estate videos.

Videos are shared more on social media

Videos generate more views, likes, and shares on social media than regular content or images. If you can create a detailed video with both content and graphics, it may even go viral on the social media platform. Even if it doesn’t, you can get more shares easily, thus expanding your outreach. It is the reason why social media marketers emphasize videos more than anything else these days. As a real estate marketer, you should be aware of this trend to create an impact. Your target audience will know more about your brand from social media and reach your listings to view properties. And what will help you do that? Yes, that’s right - videos!

Properties with videos receive more inquiries

According to the experts, properties that have videos receive 403% more inquiries than the ones without any. It is needless to say that the more inquiries you get, the higher will be the chances to sell. Apart from photographing real estate interiors, videos generate higher responses on the listings. Hence, investing in real estate videos can take your marketing endeavors a notch up.

Now that you have a concrete idea about the significance of real estate videos, let us shed some light on how to create such videos for your real estate marketing campaign. Scroll on!

DIY videos vs. Professional ones

Every mobile phone has a high-resolution video-capturing ability these days. The thought of taking DIY videos can cross every marketer’s mind to reduce the costs. However, you need to understand the impact of DIY videos versus professional ones before reaching any decision.

DIY videos

Professional real estate videos

· They are cost-effective

· They can be a little on the expensive side

· You have complete editorial control over the videos

· All editing work will be done by professionals

· Advanced equipment are not necessary

· All videos are recorded with the help of professional equipment

· Challenges of right perspective, angles, and chances are lower of meeting all visual requirements

· Minimum challenges of fulfilling the visual requirements, as the professionals have all know-how of angles and perspectives

· Time-consuming with higher chances of errors

· Less time-consuming and even lesser headache

As you can see, DIY videos may take a lot of your time and need immense effort to be perfect and meet all essential requirements. On the other hand, the bespoke videos recorded by professional real estate photographers reduce a lot of your headache, thus leaving you free to focus on marketing and other requisites.

But before you choose professional real estate photography services, you should know what type of videos work best for your business.

Everything is not about selling

The videos should focus less on selling and more on creating an informative outlook regarding the property. They should be able to give a concrete idea to the homebuyers regarding the property, its exteriors, interiors, condition, and environment to drive purchase decisions. If that is done properly, the chances of selling will automatically increase.

Make it different

Ask the photographers not to follow any trend but focus on making the videos as unique as possible. Every property is different, needing a unique approach to present its benefits and disadvantages by creating a transparent view. The more unique the videos are, the better chances you will have in selling the property.

Try to highlight the attractive aspects

Although you should be transparent about the property, it is always beneficial to highlight its perks and advantages. If a property has a great neighborhood, focus on capturing the same in the video to attract buyers. Similarly, you may need to choose a perspective that makes the property stand out from others. While capturing the interiors, choose the angles carefully to make the property visually appealing without going over the top.

Trigger emotions

Real estate investments are driven by emotions, whether it is a home or a commercial space. The videos should be able to trigger the same by striking a balance between emotional and practical selling. If you only present the benefits without creating an emotional bond with the audience, the buyers may find it boring. Take a narrative approach in introducing the property and integrate graphics and imageries to help them imagine how the space will be, once refurbished. The editorial phase of the video can take care of such things.

Care should be taken while choosing the right professionals for bespoke real estate videos. Many property photography services offer to capture real estate videos to help you create a lasting impact. Before you finalize anything, be aware of the following requirements:


You cannot invest all your revenue into real estate marketing through images and videos. Pick a team of professionals offering their services at cost-effective rates without compromising on quality. Go through reviews and read customer testimonials before making the final decision.


Are the professionals credible enough to manage all your photography, videography, and editorial needs? Ask questions about their experience, portfolio, and the equipment they will use. If they can give you all the information about their work policies, you should check the reviews on the internet before giving them the project. As it is not possible to keep a close watch on them always, reliability is a primary step in determining which real estate photography agency you should choose.


Do they take suggestions or have a rigid system? If they do not, it is unwise to invest a lump sum where you cannot even offer your suggestions or review their work. Hold an open discussion with the professionals and see how friendly or approachable they are. Ask if they offer customized packages for photography and real estate videos. Create a checklist of your specific requirements before discussing the same with the experts.

Where should you post the videos?

In real estate marketing, the platforms you post the images and videos make all the difference. You should post the videos in places where the chances of viewing them are higher. Some of these platforms have been mentioned below:

  • YouTube - With a user-base of 2 billion, it is one of the most popular platforms to increase the exposure of your real estate videos, create a channel for your business, and post the videos there. You should also put the right hashtags to make the videos visible to your target audience.

  • Property listing - The videos will increase the visibility of your listings to a great extent. However, you should make sure that they are not too lengthy to repulse viewers.

  • Landing page - You may also post the videos on your landing page without making it appear cluttered. If possible, reduce the resolution a bit to prevent increasing the loading time.

  • Social media - It is the best place to share lengthy, attractive videos, as more people will watch them here. Adorn them with the right content, graphics, and hashtags to increase their visibility and popularity. You can make it a little humorous to catch the eyes of many.

Final words

Although you can take videos on your Smartphones, professional real estate videos are different. Their approach, perspectives, and angles offer a detailed overview of the property that viewers may find more intriguing. Hence, look for professional real estate photographers who have the knowledge and expertise of taking attractive videos and editing them properly to improve your marketing efforts. Once you have the videos, you can utilize them in numerous ways to improve your sales without cold-pitching.

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