Virtual Staging: What It Is And How To Do It Right

Virtual Staging: What It Is And How To Do It Right

Virtual staging is an advanced form of home staging, which is more cost-effective and hassle-free. It also adheres to the ‘new normal’, as traditional staging involves real-time efforts and visits. Owing to the pandemic situation, such activities are restricted. Hence the virtual processes are gaining in popularity.

Home staging is a popular activity, and realtors believe that it helps sell homes at about 6% higher than asking prices. The process involves staging a property in a fully-furnished form to appeal to the buyers. Further, 67% of real estate professionals opine that staging helps secure the resale of properties. Half of them also hold that it helps increase the value of a property. It is easier to stage a vacant home than an inhabited one, as the empty space gives new dimensions to the imagination of the staging professionals.

You will need an experienced team having extensive knowledge of interiors and professional real estate home photography services to take bespoke pictures of the staged property. These pictures, when uploaded on the listing, brochures, and marketing platforms, will help attract more buyers.

The other benefits of virtual staging

About 85% of buyers feel that professional real estate photos bind their interest to any property. Instead of empty spaces, pictures of staged properties gain more views and clicks, thus increasing the chances of a sale. Let us shed some light on the other advantages of staging properties.

It saves time and costs

For virtual staging, you do not have to refurbish the property in real-time. The real estate listing photographers can go the extra mile to offer the experience of a staged home with advanced editing tools and software. You may spend hundreds of dollars bringing in the furniture and placing them around the house. But in virtual staging, none of this is required. According to the experts, the latter is about 90% more cost-effective than the former. It is needless to mention that a lot of your time is also saved in digital staging. It may take more than 24 hours to stage a property in real-time. Virtually, it takes less than a few hours to create almost the same impression. So, you see how time and cost-effective virtual staging is?

It offers a high-grade view of the property

When you are advertising an already-occupied home, it may be cluttered with furniture and other stuff, let alone people. You can’t force the homeowners to move out for a few hours to get the property staged. In these situations, virtual staging is the only way. You need not vacate the space in real-time to give the potential buyers an idea about the home’s interiors. By creating digital decor and furnishings, the property can be staged virtually to enhance its appeal. By offering a welcoming experience of a neat space and gorgeous decor, you can attract more buyers and increase the chances of selling.

It helps target a specific audience

If you have an idea about the specific requirements of the buyers, you can customize the property accordingly. Without changing the interiors in real-time, professional property photographers can help you achieve that goal effectively. If your buyers need a more mature and rustic appearance, Then again, you can achieve that look digitally. Then again, if they seek a contemporary appearance, you can do that too, with the help of experts, of course. Are you wondering if it would be cheating your clients? Not at all! On the other hand, they will get an idea of how to do the interiors of their newly-bought home from the pictures you present to them.

It kicks in the imagination of the buyers

Viewing an empty, unoccupied space may or may not help buyers imagine themselves in the house. But if you present the pictures of a staged property to them, the imaginative mind performs its trick. The potential buyers can imagine themselves inside the house, living and breathing in the space. Hence, it increases interest in buying the property. It also helps them understand how the property will look once renovated and refurbished. So check out some real estate photographer websites and see if they offer virtual staging services. If they have a portfolio, go through it before reaching a final decision.

Now that you are aware of virtual staging and what it is, you need to know a few things about the process to ensure the highest returns. Even if you appoint an experienced and professional team, this knowledge is essential to assess their work and evaluate the quality. Scroll on!

Dos and don’ts of virtual staging

Let us turn to the dos first!

The furnishings should be on par with the interior theme

An interior designer will always choose furnishings that go best with the basic interior theme of a room. It can be derived from the color of the walls, the style of fittings, lights, types of windows, and so on. For example, a Victorian-style home will look best with Victorian furniture and not contemporary. While staging a home virtually, the same rule should be applied to prevent discrepancies. Poor staging can also affect the buying decision, so the stagers need to be careful. You can give suggestions before finalizing the images if you think that the staging can be better. Choose a professional team of real estate photographers who will be approachable and friendly.

The staging should be as close to real as possible

In actual staging, the pictures are more realistic. It can be a tad difficult to achieve that look in the virtual staging process. Only seasoned professionals can help achieve the same, thus increasing the satisfaction of the buyers. It should be possible to achieve a virtual look in real-time, after buying the property. The stagers should be able to guess the actual lighting, shadows, and backgrounds in the virtual images to achieve a realistic appeal. Further, they should also be able to project luminosity and reflections in the room just as they are in real-time. It will make the pictures more convincing for the buyers. If the staging ignores such facts, the buyers can feel dissatisfied and cheated on visiting the property. Hence, opt for realtor photography services providers who understand each aspect of virtual staging without any hassle. Proper virtual staging involves both reality and imagination, which helps spark buying interest.

Now for the don’ts!

Do not clutter the space with too many decorations

Limit the number of furniture and interior decor items to prevent imposing your ideas on the minds of potential buyers. You should add appliances and fittings, only if necessary. Keep the look simple and achievable, without compromising on the staging needs. For example, if you are staging the kitchen space, curb the urge to put potted plants on every shelf, and leave such imaginations on the buyer. Decorate what is necessary, like the walls, the countertop design, floor, and backsplashes. It will also take way less time than decorating every inch of the room. Refrain from achieving an overwhelming and cluttered appearance to tickle the imaginative spirit of the buyers.

Do not get personal with the images

When decorating a property virtually, avoid giving too many personal touches. The property should be staged from the perspective of the buyer. After all, they are the investors, and their will should be considered as a priority. You may also customize the staging according to the specific needs and preferences of the clients. Provide them with a catalog of furniture, decor, and fittings that they would like to view in the staging photos. Let them choose how the staging should be. It will again increase buyers’ interest and help you sell properties faster. So prepare your mind and curb all urges to add personal elements to the photos, like a quirky rug or a specific kind of dining room furniture. Keep things simple and less cluttered to make the clients fall in love with the images.

Do not use low-resolution photos

The key aim of virtual staging is to provide the clients with an idea about the property when furnished and decorated, instead of the empty space that it is. However, it is almost impossible to achieve that look digitally if the photos are of low resolution. It can result in poorly-staged images, which degrade the entire experience and repulses buyers. Hence, you should appoint only professional realtor photographers to get the desired look and feel. Besides making the images realistic, they will also be able to take the digital edits more effectively.

Wrapping it up

Even after the pandemic, virtual staging remains trending because of its inherent cost and time-effectiveness. So, there is no denying that investing in the same will help you strengthen your brand reputation. If you are a new developer, the process will help you create recognition among your target audience without breaking your banks. Many a time, you can get the services from professional real estate photographers, who are experienced in the same. Discuss your requirements with them before finalizing anything. Make sure that they are open to suggestions and improvisations to help achieve a bespoke look and feel that your clients will simply love.

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