What Is The Significance Of Real Estate Photography In The ‘New Normal’?

What Is The Significance Of Real Estate Photography In The ‘New Normal’?

No one in this generation ever guessed that a pandemic can bring the entire world to a standstill. But it has. For months, industries, businesses, tourism, recreation, and everything was paused, as the people thought that it will be all over soon.

But the virus seems to have something else in mind.

Even after the nationwide lockdown has been lifted, people are still scared to leave their homes and come out in the open as freely as they used to do before the pandemic outbreak. The virus is still here and is making its presence known every day as the cases increase. But economic progress cannot be held back any longer.

The only good that has happened in these months is an increase in our ability to adapt. Businesses have created new strategies to meet the demands of the public, with digitization topping their list. Advancements that were making slow progress in the last few years have suddenly experienced a boost. One of them is the popularity of real estate photography.

How can it boost the digital economy?

With the digital economy probably seeing its brightest days, there is an urge to create online content in every sector. And this is nothing new for the real estate market, which was previously thriving on online content.

About 90% of homebuyers tend to look for potential properties online. According to a post by Investopedia, 52% of them found their dream homes first on the internet. The best real estate websites are visited 120 million times by potential homebuyers in a month, and industry leaders, like Zillow, tend to have nearly 36 million unique visitors.

If you analyze the content on these sites carefully, you will find something common in them. All these listing sites upload exceptional, bespoke images of the properties along with textual content. The pictures are not random and clicked by professionals from multiple angles to give the viewers an enhanced perspective. As 83% of real estate buyers find the images quite helpful in making buying decisions, one cannot afford to ignore property photography as a necessary investment.

Real estate photography is a part of the ‘new normal’

Digitization is our only hope at the moment. When the entire world was locked down to contain the spread of COVID-19, one industry suffered fewer losses than others - The eCommerce industry. Not only people were bored to death, but also panic buying resulted in a boost in sales. From groceries to medical supplies, limited doorstep deliveries were allowed, which helped prevent a massive loss of revenue in this sector. As the lockdown was lifted in a phased manner, more deliveries were allowed for non-essentials. However, the people were still scared to go shopping and continued to buy from the eCommerce stores. Even now, most of the festive shopping is being carried out online, which has taken the eCommerce revenue to another level.

Now, if you think about it, what is it that builds our trust in online shopping? How do we tend to buy things that we have not seen or touched?

Yes! You guessed that right - High-quality images and videos.

The real estate industry has been experiencing a huge setback due to COVID-19. Sales are down, as nobody seems to take an interest in buying homes right now. Most of them are even finding it difficult to pay for the mortgages, owing to the economic crisis. Further, people are hesitant to go on full-fledged property tours in fear of contracting the virus. Such factors are deeply affecting the revenue growth of the property market.

But it need not be so. Out of many things, what the real industry needs the most right now is a change in attitude. It should focus all efforts on digitizing the sector. Open newer and better channels to offer a customized experience to the home buyers and of course, invest in professional real estate photography to save the day.

Like other sectors, the property industry should also make the most of their marketing strategies to generate demand. And content marketing is intrinsically linked to pictures and videos. Many a time, bespoke images and videos of a commodity (the property in this case) help spark an interest in the minds of the casual audience.

Let us understand this with the example of buying furniture. Suppose you are planning to buy furniture online. You have found a few products on multiple sites, with one of them featuring high-quality HD images from all angles, and even the minute details are clearly visible. You keep shuffling through the images, and in the end, you may find a video, offering a detailed view of the furniture in a room similar to yours. The other sites have a maximum of 2-3 images, taken with the help of Smartphones by novice photographers. Now, tell us. From which website will you buy the furniture?

Your answer is the main reason for investing in real estate photography. With your buyers confined to their homes because of the pandemic, you can at least give them a detailed view of the property through mind-blowing images and aerial videos. It will generate buying interest in them, and when they are ready, you will be the first one to get a call.

Property photography services for social media promotion

Nearly 77% of realtors actively use social media for promotional activities, and 47% of businesses have noticed an increase in lead generation through social media marketing. As social media offers an extensive platform to reach out to the maximum audience and the ability to customize content, real estate businesses find it beneficial for their marketing endeavor.

But for enhanced social media promotion, visual content is of primary importance. Nearly 80% of social media marketers from all sectors use visual content to improve engagement. Further, the US people spend about 323 minutes watching videos every week. These stats reveal that you can take your real estate marketing to a whole new level by integrating visual content in social media posts.

Real estate photography ensures high returns on investment

Professional property photography services do not burn a hole in your pocket. You can get in touch with affordable residential and commercial property photographers to increase returns on investment. From brochure photos to listing presentations, these HD images and videos will go the extra mile to attract homebuyers in this tight market. Let us now give you an idea about where you can use these photos and videos for maximum visibility.

Display ads

Search engines and social media offer numerous opportunities for marketers to display their content in the form of attractive ads. You can create property ads with bespoke photos or video content to post at the right places to generate visibility. And this will be outside your general marketing campaign to gain some extra leads. As social media ads give you the chance to promote the content only to your target audience, you can get an edge over your competitors by customizing the ad content accordingly.

YouTube videos

It is yet another popular platform to market your real estate videos. Having a user-base of 2 billion globally, YouTube can give your videos, visibility like no other. Already 62% of business owners use this platform to promote video content. It is unwise to let go of such an opportunity to take your real estate marketing a notch up.

Listing presentations

You may use the HD pictures in your listing presentations to enhance their overall appeal. Analyze the previous presentations to understand what went right or wrong in them. Make the best use of graphics to create a bespoke experience for the viewers. People tend to judge books by their covers. If the images of a property are not attractive enough, they may repulse potential buyers.


Tie up with real estate bloggers to create authentic reviews of your properties. You may give them the images to make the blogs in-depth and genuine. The aerial videos taken by drones can also be included in the blogs to enhance the effect. Creating high-quality content around those images and videos will help attract buyers from everywhere.

How to choose a real estate photographer

Check the portfolio and range of services to find the one offering multiple services without breaking your banks.

Consider the affordability of your chosen professional property photography services and compare the same with others.

Get an idea about the equipment used and ensure a high standard.

Communicate ideas of perspective with the photographers to evaluate their knowledge and skills.

Ask questions! It is the only way to assess if the photography services will meet your requirements.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, properties with HD images taken by professionals are expected to sell more. The effect of a professional DSLR camera makes the listing look far better than Smartphone images. Unfiltered and detailed, these images highlight every aspect of the property, especially when too many property tours are out of the question. So, is it possible to sell homes without property tours? Not at present, but it can make a difference to your branding endeavors. However, as the situation normalizes and in-person visits become more frequent, the listings with bespoke images will definitely be at the top of the buyers’ priority.

Hence, this is probably the best time to invest in professional real estate photography! Create brand recognition in the market, and buyers will follow you eventually.

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