Why Every Real Estate Marketer Needs Professional Property Images?

Why Every Real Estate Marketer Needs Professional Property Images?

When you are scrolling through a list of properties, what is it that makes you take an instant interest in one? Is the price, the location, or anything else? Well, most of the time, it is the image of the property. Yes! The visual impact is the most important factor in the property listing.

If a property does not look good to the eyes, it will not generate any interest. What the eyes see, they believe. Professional real estate photographers have both the tools and technologies to make the property images stand out. They use the industry-standard camera, lens, and editing tools to make a property (residential or commercial) create an impact in the minds of the viewers. Thus, real estate photo services are indispensable to your listing and marketing campaign.

But if you are still not convinced, scroll on! You can get all the reasons here.

High-quality images increase the price of the property

According to the statistics, industry-standard photos increase the price of a property by at least $3,400. Nearly 98% of homebuyers accepted that photos are essential tools in deciding to investigate a property further.

Hence, investing in real estate photography is as essential as other value-added services, like renovations, extensions, or property upgrades. In the digital world of today, you cannot afford to ignore the immense benefits of images, especially when it comes to home buying. People are lacking the energy to investigate each property in real-time. So, these photos can create that ‘great first impression’ which every marketer seeks to achieve. Coming back to the prices, you may have to spend about $300 for high-quality real estate photography services. Now, do you think that it is worth it?

Homebuyers search for potential homes over the internet

The digital-savvy homebuyers of this decade open their Smartphones and look for eligible properties to invest. Back in 2006, only 80% of people searched for properties on the internet. Four years down the line and the percentage jumped to 89%. At present, almost everyone looks for properties online. And what do they find online? Right, photos, and videos! These are the first things that anyone will notice about a property listing.

Being a real estate listing marketer, investing in real estate photography is not a luxury but a necessity at the moment. The pandemic has almost stalled all home-buying activities. If you want to stay on the radar of potential homebuyers, this is the right time to get a bunch of great images for the properties. When things start getting normal, the buyers will contact you before anyone else. Further, the listings with professional images tend to get more clicks. Even if all those clicks do not lead to sales, they definitely mean more views, which inevitably increase the chances of a sale.

Using professional photos in property listings is a trend

Of all the states, Texas is leading in the use of professional photos in their property listings. Almost half of the local listings in TX are promoted using bespoke images. While listing the properties, you need to make sure that the prices match the images, and vice-versa. Only then will you be able to generate a maximum response from the target audience. For example, if you list a property within a high-price range and do not use matching images for the same, it may easily be ignored by the potential real estate investors. That is how it has always been and will be. People will always judge the books (here, the properties) by their covers (the photos). And frankly, real estate photography pricing is not too hefty. It is way less than those costly renovations and extensions you make to a property before listing it. So if you can afford that, why not take some good photos and aerial videos for added value?

Professional real estate photography is a part of branding

If you want to establish your real estate brand in the market, professional images are one of the best tools to do that effectively. The residential properties get about 61% more views with professional photos. But only about 15% of listings invest in real estate photography among millions. As these photos directly help increase the selling chances of the properties, they play an essential role in branding. In real estate branding, reputation is enhanced with the optimum use of images, videos, and content. Whether you are a new developer (or marketer) or an old one, it does not matter. You have to follow the trends to be at the top of the homebuyers’ priority list. Preferences keep on changing in the fast-paced world, so take each step carefully.

Realtor photography saves time and efforts

If the entire property photography department is handled by professionals, you do not have to waste time or effort in taking pictures, editing, and optimizing them according to the listing standards. It can be quite a tough job on the part of the realtor, who has several other responsibilities. Hence, most DIY real estate photography campaigns end up in a bunch of low-quality images that do not match the prices. Not only will your time and efforts go waste but also the entire marketing campaign. So opting for professional services will help save both.

You can also get combined packages of real estate photography and videography from the same provider to take the listing marketing a notch up. The videos will give a different perspective of the property to the viewer, who will definitely investigate further if everything else seems okay. And you do not have to do it all by yourself. Just inform the photographers about your listing requirements and leave everything else to them. They are professional and know exactly how to make the property stand out from the crowd.

The property photographer can be a reliable marketer too

With the right knowledge of different marketing materials, like listings, brochures, flags, signage, hoardings, and more, real estate photographers can be reliable marketing partners for your brand. They will take a big burden off your shoulders and coordinate with your marketing team to create the perfect images for all types of online and offline promotional activities. With their help, you may not need to worry about anything in the image sector. It will be between the real estate photographers and your in-house marketing team. However, you have to ask these people if they can handle such responsibilities first. If they are interested, ask them about the pricing of such additional services.

Negotiate only if necessary, as you are already getting all the benefits by taking professional photography to a whole new level.

How to know if you are choosing the best real estate photographer?

You need to ask questions and see how they respond. If they are patient enough to clarify their services and resolve all your relevant queries, you need to discuss your plan with them. The more you communicate with the realtor photographer, the better you will learn about his strengths, weaknesses, skills, and experience. So, create a list of questions to ask every real estate photographer you choose before finalizing anyone. Some other things that you should keep in mind while evaluating property photographers are:

The tools and technologies they use - The more advanced and trendy they are, the better will be the outcome. You can ask them about the camera, the lens, and the editing tools that they plan to use while processing the photos. If you do not have any knowledge in this field, do some casual research to get an idea about the basics.

Their knowledge of real estate - Not all professional photographers can click mind-blowing pictures of properties. They need to have considerable experience in the same to ensure high-quality photos. Further, they need to take pictures from all angles and corners to give a 360-degree impression to the viewers.

Their affordability and availability - A real estate photography project takes time to complete. You may enquire about the affordability, as well as the availability of the photographers you plan to hire. Can they complete the project within the deadline specified by you? Will they need more money for faster services? These are some of the questions that you should ask without fail.

You need to decide your priorities - What is more important to you - a cheaper price range or multiple services in exchange for some extra bucks? Knowing your priority will help find the best deals in the market. When you can get additional services from a realtor photographer, why go elsewhere for those? Pay them a little extra and reduce the load on your shoulders.

A few words of caution

While searching for an efficient real estate photographer, make sure they have portfolios to show you. Make it clear that without a proper portfolio, you are not going to entertain anyone. Once you have the portfolio in hand, check the photos for inconsistencies or distorted features of the architectural structures. These may arise due to carelessness and a lack of detail. Last but not least, see how the photographer composes the images and create the setting. In other words, you need to think like a real estate investor and choose a photographer based on his/her ability to capture your interest with unmatched photographic skills.

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